Peace Park Trek – Prelude

I found myself alone this time, embarking on a plane to a place that has become much more familiar to me in recent years. I made the relatively short flight to Calgary from Ottawa on a sunny summer day in early August of 2018, on my way to a second consecutive trek to raise money for cancer research.

I arrived in Calgary and immediately knew where to go, meeting up with my AirBnB hostess who so graciously picked me up from the airport. I had a day to spend in Calgary, admittedly, a city that I am not very fond of. It’s funny, whenever I find myself there, I find it difficult to spend a prolonged period of time in the city, as I want nothing more than to make the drive to the mountains, a place that I am much more partial to.

I won’t spend too much time reflecting on this day, since, while it was great, there was nothing very noteworthy. I rented a fantastic lens (16-35 F4 Sony Zeiss), got some goodies from MEC, and best of all, had a wonderful time with my hosts, chatting over dinner and exchanging all sorts of stories. There’s something to be said about meeting new people and instantly hitting it off with them. I mean, some of the best people I’ve met have been through my travels and truthfully it’s bittersweet – you’re thrilled that

you’ve made a great connection and met an awesome human, but sad too, knowing that you’ll soon part ways. I do take solace in knowing, however, that you’ve made a new friend, and it’s simply more incentive to go visit them in their hometown or better yet, home country.

Anyway, I had been growing pretty tired of Calgary already, so I’ll just fast forward to the good stuff.

Up next – Day 1 of the Peace Park Trek

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