On Music feat. Out of Ten Podcast

Music has and always will be an indispensable part of my life. While I may not write about it much here, it’s in everything I do. Working, studying, exercising, travelling, even sleeping at times. And that’s just the listening aspect. Playing music gives you much more appreciation for it, as I grew up playing a multitude of instruments.  I’m a firm believer in music’s ability to bring people together and have had some amazing experiences because of that.

All of this to say that I had the great fortune last week of being a guest contributor on the Out of Ten Podcast. Out of Ten is a music review podcast co-hosted by my old friends Sage Jordan and Michael Vallejos-Sevilla. They discuss and review new album releases and tracks, and of course rate them Out Of Ten, while exploring favourite artists, related news and inside jokes.

On this particular episode we talk relationships, musical inspiration and songwriting and the benefits of travelling. Other topics covered are Lord of the Rings the Two Towers, Toys R Us, getting sneakers for free, the divide between French and English Canada, occasional references to Nicaragua, and more.

Reviews include Dirty Projectors, Future, Leif Vollebeck, Gabriel Garcon-Montano, Hippocampus, and NAV.

Give it a listen and a subscription here

Website – www.outoftenpodcast.com

Facebook – Out Of Ten Podcast

Twitter – @SageJordan and @MichaelValSev

Instagram – @Outoftenpodcast@thesagejordan and @michaelvs13

Theme song is San Dingo – Presence. Listen to the Neon Highway EP here.

(P.S You can find them on Apple Music, Google Play Music, Android, TuneIn, and Stitcher)

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