Home. Again.

17 days. Nearly 200km hiked. + $10000 collectively raised during my first week with the Peace Park crew. And now I’m here, back home in Ottawa, writing this from my desk. A feeling that still seems surreal.

During my first week, I spent most of my time down south in Montana hiking through beautiful Glacier National Park with 19 of the best people I’ll ever meet. That was followed by heading back north to Canada to explore a bit of Waterton National Park. My third tour of the Rockies culminated in adventuring with my cousin Hannah before spending a few days solo to endure the perpetual smokey skies.

Yesterday, as I arrived in Ottawa, I saw the first blue skies I had seen in over a week. I had longed for them and I so badly wish I got to see them in Banff but I’ll be back there soon. I take solace in knowing that.

For now, I have two SD cards (128 gb and 64 gb) full of content to sift through, edit, publish and post. Alongside numerous stories of good times, hikes, and wildlife encounters. My life’s about to get a whole lot busier too as I grind out the rest of grad school, but I’ll make it a point to be as consistent on here as possible.

For anyone that reads this, thank you!


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