Happy New Year!

I’ll be honest, I’m not huge on new year’s resolutions, I never really have been. I’d say I’m more of a proponent of consistently setting goals, and re-adjusting them. However, I recently read an article that really resonated with me. It was written by Adam Kreek, a champion Olympic rower and motivational speaker, among many other things. I actually had the great pleasure of working with Adam and his ocean rowing crew while conducting my undergraduate research project (more on that in a later post).

Now, to be concise, Kreek asserts that toxic goals hurt. In particular he’s referring to beauty, status and wealth. Further, Kreek noted that the pursuit of these goals lowers satisfaction, removes energy, reduces pleasant emotions like happiness, contentment and joy, increases negative emotions like depression, anxiety, fear, anger and sadness, and increases the abuse of substances like cigarettes and alcohol.

Moreover, referencing research out of the University of Rochester, Kreek pointed out findings suggesting that goals in these four areas – relationships, self-growth, community and health — contributed to a higher sense of well-being. That is, pursuing and achieving these goals will make you happier.

Makes sense doesn’t it? So all of this to say that instead of emphasizing materialistic goals, we should turn our attention to the aforementioned emphasis on self-growth, community, health and relationships. I truly believe that doing so will lead to happiness. Just my two cents.

With that being said, all the best for 2016, I hope you all have a fantastic year!

Here is the link to Adam Kreek’s original article for those of you who are interested: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/kreekspeak/new-year-resolution-toxic-1.3388354


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